Meet with the Programme Director

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Are you planning to apply this year to one of the University of Tartu’s international bachelor’s or master’s programmes? This is your chance to meet with your programme director and fellow applicants and ask all questions you might still have before applying!

These virtual meetings are primarily informal. There is no general description of the meetings – the content of the meeting depends on every programme director.

You can register here to receive a link to the meeting. All meetings are either Zoom or Teams Meetings.

All times are GMT+2 (Tallinn time). You can register here.

Schedule by programme

NB! New meetings might be added to the schedule. Please keep an eye on the website.

Applied Measurement Science: 25 January at 18:00
Bioengineering: 16 January at 16:30
Business Administration: 22 February at 16:00
Clinical Nutrition: 31 January at 18:00
Computer Science: 23 January at 15:00
Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: 16 February at 16:00
Educational Technology: 3 February and 23 February at 16:00
Estonian and Finno-Ugric Languages: 26 January at 14:00
European Languages and Cultures: 31 January at 17:00
Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies: 26 January at 16:00
Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society: 23 January at 17:00
Information Technology Law: 1 February at 16:00
Innovation and Technology Management: 22 February at 15:00
International Law and Human Rights: 1 February and 1 March at 12:00
Materials Science and Technology: 1 March at 14:00
Medicine: 24 January at 15:00
Politics and Governance in the Digital Age: 10 February at 15:00
Quantitative Economics: 16 February at 15:00
Science and Technology: 17 January at 16:30
Semiotics: 24 January at 14:15
Software Engineering: 23 January at 15:00
Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language: 8 February at 16:00
Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management: 26 January at 12:00 and 2 February at 12:00

16 Jan 2023