Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders to Drive Change in Education: Join Our Webinar

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Education is key to societal progress, demanding leaders who can navigate and innovate within this changing landscape. Tallinn University introduces the Education Innovation and Leadership Master’s Programme, designed for those eager to innovate, lead and shape the future of education. This programme is not just a course of study but a journey towards becoming an architect of educational transformation.

Why EduInno at Tallinn University?

Practical Skills for Real Change: Gain the skills and knowledge readying you for impactful action in your educational contexts.
Co-Creation and Community: Engage in a collaborative learning environment where students and educators come together to co-create solutions for real-world educational challenges. This community-driven approach ensures that you’re not just learning in isolation but are part of a vibrant network, sharing ideas and forging lasting connections.
Action-Oriented Learning: We focus on real-world application, ensuring that what you learn translates into tangible improvements in education.

Join Our Informative Webinar
Discover more about how the EduInno Master’s Programme prepares you to lead and innovate in education. This webinar will cover programme details, admissions, and alumni experiences.

Date: 20th February 2024.
Time: 16.00 EET.
Registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAofuyprj8vGtI2ScGz2rpC0PiXc3CTUNKr.

Register today to learn more about how you can make a lasting impact in education – and join us to become part of the next generation of leaders prepared to turn aspirations into tangible, sustainable change in education!

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