University of Tartu invites international students to apply

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The University of Tartu invites international students interested in international bachelor’s and master’s studies to submit their applications in DreamApply. Studies start at the end of August 2021.

Last autumn, 560 international students started their studies at the University of Tartu. Many of them stayed in their home country and participated in studies online for a shorter or longer period. According to Aune Valk, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Tartu, the university did everything in its power to make the arrival of international students in Estonia as smooth as possible and give them all the information they needed about the requirements and restrictions in force in Estonia. “I was delighted to see that despite all fears and difficulties, the majority of them did arrive in Tartu at some point,” said Valk.

“We understand that international students applying for the 2021 admission may be concerned about the difficulties of travelling to Estonia as well as the form of study, since the past year has shown how rapidly the global situation may change. Just like last year, we promise to do everything we can to facilitate the arrival of new international students in Estonia,” said Valk.

This year, the University of Tartu offers admission to 27 international curricula, including 23 English-taught master’s programmes, one Russian-taught master’s programme, two English-taught bachelor’s programmes and an integrated curriculum in medicine. In addition, admission to eight joint master’s programmes is coordinated by our partner universities. Both those who will graduate in summer 2021 and those who have graduated in the previous years are welcome to apply.

Three new topical master’s programmes are launched. The Russian-taught curriculum “Teaching Russian to Foreigners” of Narva College focuses on in-depth teaching of Russian, considering the work opportunities in Europe and taking full advantage of the special geographic location of Narva.

The leading partner of the English-taught joint curriculum “Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change” is the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Graduates of the programme get the skills to make strategic decisions to form environmental management and policies and apply them on the international scale. The English-taught Erasmus Mundus joint programme “Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management” allows students to study in two countries and earn a double degree diploma from two universities. They can choose between four study tracks, with the first year spent in Estonia or Sweden and the second in the Netherlands or Belgium. Each participating university brings their strengths to the programme.

Applications to international master’s studies can be submitted until 15 March, applications to bachelor’s studies and integrated studies in medicine until 15 April. For the first time, in the case of two curricula, an extended application period is offered for applicants from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland: they can apply to the master’s curriculum “Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies” and the bachelor’s curriculum “Business Administration” until 30 June. “However, in that case, the students must be ready to pay the tuition fee, as the tuition-waiver study places will be allocated in the first application period. This is why we advise applicants to apply by the first application deadline: 15 March or 15 April,” said Eda Tursk, Head of International Admissions of the University of Tartu.

Application requirements depend on the curriculum. For detailed information about each curriculum, see the web page of the curriculum. For general information, see the University of Tartu admissions website .

17. veebr 2021