TalTech Master's Info Seminar on March 17

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Come to TalTech Master’s Info Seminar that is happening on Tuesday, 17th of March at 17:30 at the main campus of TalTech (Ehitajate tee 5), and get answers to your questions about the Master’s study opportunities!

Have you graduated from your Bachelor’s or are about to graduate? Would you like to go on to study, but don’t know exactly what and how?

On this event, the programme representatives will share information on what TalTech’s renewed disciplines are, what are the admission criteria and process, as well as the future opportunities the TalTech’s Master’s will create for you in the future.

Event is aimed at foreigners living in Estonia and outside, who are interested in learning about TalTech’s English-taught Master’s programmes, and international Bachelor’s students, who are considering to continue their studies on Master’s level.

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5. märts 2020