TalTech opened Estonia's first 5G network

Photo illustrating the news item

On December 20, TalTech, Telia and Ericsson opened the first 5G coverage area of Estonia at the campus. With the 5G network, TalTech has opened the test campus, which can be successfully used by students, researchers and businesses. With the 5G network created by TalTech, Estonia could become a safe 5G competence center, for which the university is already working closely with the government, the private sector and other interested parties to create a 5G road map.

On December 20, Telia, TalTech, and Ericsson open Estonia’s first 5G network.

The network will serve as a testbed for innovation and research for industry partners and academia. TalTech University’s scientists and students, as well as companies and start-ups can create and test solutions that require fast, high-quality data connection. The 5G network is a permanent installation using standardized and commercial 5G products.

TalTech’s self driving car is one of the remarkable innovations that will soon navigate based on 5G technology using the benefits of high speed and low latency to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure. Read more…

29. jaan 2019