New century, new name!

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On its 100th birthday, the leader of Estonian research, technology, and innovation will undergo modernization:

In recent years, Tallinn University of Technology has undergone considerable changes in its scientific work as well as in the organization of the academic life. The purpose of these changes is to offer the talents a more modern studying and working environment as well as our desire to create a place where the solutions to difficult problems would continue to thrive and the technologies that shape the world would be developed.

On its 100th birthday, the leader of the Estonian research, technology, and innovation is also changing: Tallinn University of Technology will officially adopt the shortened name – TalTech. TalTech will replace former abbreviations such as TTÜ, TUT, and TTU.

As our vision of today’s society is innovative, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and open to the world, we wish to use the same words to describe ourselves. Our core essence, however, will remain unchanged – we are still a university of technology that serves the Estonian state and its people through high-level international scientific and academic work in order to innovate the Estonian economy and provide ideas to improve standards of living all around the world.

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18. sept 2018