Tallinn University of Technology celebrates its 100th birthday on the 14th of September

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This autumn, Tallinn University of Technology will turn 100 years old. The main event of the TTÜ anniversary, the Campus Party will take place on September 14.

The celebrations will kick off already in the morning and a day full of different activities will follow, including a rodeo competition, the premiere of the TTÜ TV documentary, a rock opera about the digital transformation, the amphitheater opening, quiz, and an orienteering tour that will allow all the guests to venture into the most hidden laboratories of the university and enjoy the view from the rector’s balcony.

The day will have a powerful finish with an after-party, which will take place simultaneously in the Assembly Hall, the Student House, the lobbies and auditoriums. The Assembly Hall will turn into a retro-styled party venue with timeless stars who will perform especially for our alumni and all the retro lovers while the various DJs will play in the Student House. And if this will not satisfy your urge to dance, there will also be a silent disco in the open air!

Several food trucks will be in the courtyard of the university to provide refreshments and food to those who want to refill their energy supplies.

All in all, the party takes place at 10,000 square meters and 4 different stages making it one of the biggest celebrations of the year!

More information about the party can be found here and on the Facebook page.
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7. sept 2018