EBS is again among the world top 300 business schools

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At the annual conference of Eduniversal, held in Perth, Australia last week, the best business schools of the world were awarded with certificates. EBS qualified among the 300 top business schools for the 9th time, whereas there are the total of 12,000 business schools worldwide.

The Vice Rector for International Collaboration of EBS Toomas Danneberg says that the deans of business schools appreciated the development and innovation of EBS study programmes that has enabled EBS to expand on its success in Estonia, and has resulted in a rise among the top business schools in East- and Central Europe. „It feels good to be an equal partner to the best business schools of the world when concluding collaboration agreements with them. This opens doors of top universities to students and lecturers in China, Korea, South America, Canada etc., for the acquisition of international business and entrepreneurship experience, including the field of scientific research and development. This recognition also enables our people carry out real time projects in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams, in the networks of enterprises and universities of the above mentioned regions,“ said Danneberg.

Eduniversal uses „palm leaves“ as indicators in the assessment of business schools, which have been worked out on the grounds of methodology that considers the factors having an impact on business schools on three levels:

  • International recognition through accreditations, memberships, international and local evaluation lists;
  • International recognition that is based on the voting results of rectors and/or deans of 1000 business schools;
  • Recommendation of the members of international research committee.

The aim of palm leaves is to compare the schools of one country or region to the schools of other countries and regions objectively. The maximum score of assessment could be five (5) palm leaves that are awarded to the 100 best business schools of the world, that have a significant international influence. The recipients of five palm leaves include such universities as: Harvard Business School (USA), London Business School (United Kingdom) and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), six business schools from from East and Central Europe.

Qualification among top 300 business schools that have been awarded four palm leaves includes universities that have reached high academic level, and have strong network of relations on the local and international level. „The next step is to receive the last missing palm leave and qualify in the absolute top category, i.e. among the top 100 business schools of the world. The preconditions for this do exist and everyone in the organisation must give their maximum for the creation of better programmes and remarkable study experience for students,“ said Danneberg.

The mission of Eduniversal is to be a valuable Internet-based environment for recruitment and information for students, their parents, personnel departments and representatives of other academic circles.

7. dets 2016