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Learning outcomes of program
A doctoral candidate:
1. is able independently to plan academic or artistic research projects, identify potential problems and find the methods and materials necessary to solve them; in artistic fields, to plan and perform innovative creative works of high artistic value, and to independently analyse and critically evaluate important and relevant issues for the development of their field of specialisation;
2. is able to supervise students’ research and, according to their field of specialisation, their artistic work; is familiar with the principles of the organisation and funding of research life in Estonia;
3. has broad knowledge and a systematic overview of his/her field in general and up-to-date knowledge in his/her specific field of research or artistic field;
4. is able to act autonomously in an international work and study environment and to participate in projects that require leadership and teamwork skills, innovative thinking, the application of digital competences and the ability to make strategic decisions;
5. understands the social role of his/her research and creative activities and is able to analyse and respond to social norms and relationships and, where necessary, to act to change them; is familiar with the principles of academic ethics;
6. is able to communicate the new knowledge generated by his/her activities to the wider society;
7. is able to publish the results of his/her research in internationally peer-reviewed musicological or artistic research publications or in related academic journals; is able to develop international academic or artistic cooperation and to participate in and/or perform at relevant high-level events.

The content of study program
The curriculum has two paths:
1. musicology path
2. artistic research path in the field of music or theatre
Depending on the pathway, the curriculum consists of an academic doctoral thesis and doctoral studies or an artistic research project and doctoral studies.

The curriculum is divided into the following modules:
A Doctoral thesis or artistic research project 180 ECTS
B Core studies in support of the doctoral thesis or artistic research project 30 ECTS
C Additional studies and practical experience required to achieve the learning outcomes of doctoral studies 30 ECTS.


The doctoral degree is the highest qualification in the Estonian higher education system

Professional status: The right to be employed in a position requiring Doctoral Degree or corresponding qualification

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Õpingute algus
26. aug 2024
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Õpingute algus
26. aug 2024