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Built-it and networked digital logic surround our everyday life more and more. On the one hand, it makes our life much easier, but on the other hand, it makes it also more vulnerable, because digital solutions aren’t sufficiently protected. In the worse case, by hacking into vulnerable systems, it’s already realistic to explode the boilers in the houses, to cause long-time telephone and power outage, to stop, damage or even crash cars and trains etc. Additionally, it’s already quite usual that someone can steal your money from your account, can break into your computer, can read your emails, can watch-hear your conversations etc. But all the above-mentioned things can operate in a more secure and reliable way if we implement cyber security correctly.

If you wish to explore this incredible world more closely and would like to be the safe keeper of the cyber world, come and study Cyber Security Engineering!


The curriculum of Cyber Security Engineering gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to make IT-systems malware-proof, as well as teach you which means to use against cyber-attacks.

The curriculum is broad-based and practically oriented, which means that all theoretical knowledge acquired in the courses is strongly supported by the practical study. At least half of the course capacity is made up of labs or practice lessons, in which students can go through all the steps of setting up and securing the network and services of a company. Labs are mostly carried out by specialists of the field and many elective subjects help broaden general knowledge.


Networking throughout different courses

In the courses of networking, students will go from the basics of adjusting networks and learning the terminology to ensuring the security of complicated networks. Therefore, a student who passes the course will not only know network topologies but can also plan and adjust them and guarantee their security. Additionally, there is an option to obtain the respective certificate that is valued among Estonian employers as well as the rest of the world.

Logging and System Monitoring

One of the main activities of a cyber security specialist is keeping an eye on the network and computers as well as detecting and blocking any unusual or malicious activity. In Logging and System Monitoring, you will learn what and how to observe in the network traffic to detect a possible cyberattack quickly.

Governance and Management of Cyber Security

This subject provides the knowledge necessary to develop a cyber security programme and the skills to analyse cyber risks and manage cyber incidents.

Programming courses

The ability to code is elementary in IT, therefore you will learn three programming languages among the following within the field of cyber security engineering: Java, C#, Python, C, C++

The 3 year (180 ECTS) curriculum comprises the following modules:

– General studies
– Core studies
– Special studies
– Internship
– Free choice courses
– Graduation thesis


Once you have successfully completed your studies, you will have the skills necessary to find errors made during the setup of computer networks and devices, organise the cyber security of an institution, implement the best practices, etc. You will be able to work as an IT specialist, for example, and as you gain more experience, become a member of the computer emergency readiness team.

For better and more exciting opportunities in the job market, we suggest you continue your studies at the Master’s level in the field of cyber security. That way, you can later work as a Chief Security Officer. The knowledge acquired in the field is universal and you can work in Estonia as well as abroad.

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Not available for applying at the moment