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BA144339 - Poliitika ja valitsemine

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The BA in politics and governance is a contemporary academic programme combining a strong politics and governance core with a variety of choices including international relations, economics and management.

Via individual choices, the students can develop their studies to build a basis for a future career in administration and management positions but our alumni are also successful in politics, civic society organisations, international enterprises and media.

Politics and governance is one of the nationally defined responsibility areas of Tallinn University and its Estonian and English programmes are positively internationally accredited. In the field of politics and governance there are 7 professors and ca. 20 permanent academic staff in Tallinn University.

Tallinn University values internationalisation, societal innovation and openness. University has developed services and facilities for international students. There are various possibilities to study languages and cultures (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc.). University is located in the Tallinn city centre and also near to harbour and airport. It is a good place to study for international students and there is a vibrant international community of professors and students already numbering in hundreds.


Structure of the programme:

Core Courses 80 credits

Elective Core Modules 48 credits, select 2 modules

  • Politics
  • Governance
  • International relations
  • Economics and management
  • Bachelor’s thesis 12 credits
  • University-wide courses 18 credits
  • Traineeship 6 credits
  • Open Electives 16 credits

A graduate:

  • has an overview of the field of contemporary politics and governance and the main academic trends, and is able to relate this to practical developments;
  • is familiar with the institutions and actors at a state, local, multinational and international level, also their operational logic both in society and within organisations;
  • is able to analyse the processes of development and implementation of politics, and has acquired the most significant theories and methods for that ability;
  • has basic competences in economics and management, law and society;
  • has practical traineeship experience and can have interdisciplinary project experience.


Opportunities after graduation

A graduate of any BA programme is primarily expected to continue studies to obtain MA degree. More than 20 years of experience with our various programmes in politics and governance indicates that our graduates are well prepared to enter further studies in European universities and beyond. Students are also welcomed to the 3 English and 3 Estonian MA and 1 PhD programmes of the field in Tallinn University.

The programme also provides basic competences to work, especially in NGOs but also in public administration, enterprises and international organisations. This is supported by the selection of elective module and the area of practical training.

Most of the alumni of TLU politics and governance are public servants but there are also successful people in business, politics, media and civic society. For example Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense Mikk Marran, Head of one of the largest Estonian companies Elering Taavi Veskimägi, Deputy Chairman of Centre Party Jaanus Karilaid, Head of National Broadcasting Russian Programme Darja Saar and others.

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud