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MA80525 - Antropoloogia

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Social anthropologists research the human experience by observing and participating in people’s daily lives. The Anthropology MA programme enables you to specialise in Social Anthropology and learn more about the human experience from a comparative perspective. The programme provides a stimulating research environment where you can develop your own research project through a range of fieldwork-based practices that examines the relativity of world-views, the commonalities of social practices, and relate them to a broader global context.

Our courses address issues like the cultures of capitalism, audiovisual ethnography, anthropology of perception, and environmental anthropology. We develop these strands of research through the detailed analysis of ethnographic texts, anthropological films, and open ended discussions in a seminar setting.

We are constantly looking for ways to make new connections between disciplines, vocabularies, and concepts that will allow us to render a sophisticated understanding of the faculties of contemporary social life. All MA students carry out their own anthropological study in close collaboration with a supervisor and their peers.

The Anthropology programme at Tallinn University offers two MA pathways conducted in English language. In one pathway, MA students produce a 40,000 word dissertation that is based on eight weeks of ethnographic fieldwork. MA students can also opt to follow the Audiovisual Ethnography Module, where they produce audiovisual materials as part of their final projects.

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