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BA108966 - Interdistsiplinaarsed sotsiaalteadused - Artes Liberales

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The term Liberal Arts denotes a curriculum that imparts general knowledge and develops the student’s rational thought and intellectual capabilities. Liberal Arts curricula are common in the US and Europe, but the first Liberal Arts College in the Baltic region was opened by Tallinn University. The Liberal Arts in Social Sciences programme offers a chance to get to know different social sciences and puts them into an interdisciplinary framework. The fields covered will include everything from psychology and education to law, economics, politics and sociology. Students who are looking for a better focus can find one and make an informed choice to pursue one of the social sciences involved and students who already have a field in mind, can expand their interests while pursuing their chosen topic. The programme includes courses on methods and writing, interdisciplinary and practical activities and comes with a compulsory practical element in order to make sure all graduates are knowledgeable about social sciences but also have the academic and practical skills needed for their future within or outside the academia.


Based on the students’ choices during their studies they can go on to study in various Master’s programs, in Tallinn University or elsewhere. With guidance provided during studies, the students can make informed decisions regarding their future and plan accordingly. Along with course choices, the students can also plan their practical experiences so that they can also enter the job market in the field of social sciences.

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud