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Design and Technology Future (D&TF) is built on the notion that a deep understanding of modern technology, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and a creative mind-set are the main driving forces of any successful innovation. It is a transdisciplinary programme merging the competencies and skills of technology and design.


Design and Technology Futures is combining education and innovation into an enabling platform which at one hand collaborates with industry and government partners to search new ways out from the modern complex challenges and on the other hand, engages students with new and unique experiences out of their comfort zones in order to create innovation and new thinking. To find out what the future might be.

The challenges in the programme are presented in an open format, encouraging students’ personal creative development and self-expression.

The 2 year (120 ECTS) curriculum comprises the following modules:

General studies – cover cultural theory and visual literacy that helps to understand inter-relationship of culture, science, technology and economic development.
Core studies – include courses about design (human-centred design, corporate entrepreneurship and design), engineering (production digitalisation, concurrent product development), entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship and business planning), etc.
Special studies – students learn about service systems design tools, methods and practices that are tested and polished in action during real development projects.
Free choice courses – students can choose from a wide variety of courses offered at the university.
Graduation thesis – a research project that will define problems and offer a set of innovative methods and scientific principles to solve them.


Entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, product and service developers and managers who are able to work in a wide scope of creative integrated development teams and run design-driven innovation projects integrating together the technological possibilities provided by industry with opportunities found on the market and in the society.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment