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Health care delivery is changing rapidly. Digital technologies are having an enormous impact on individual health and society’s well-being. New innovations are needed to solve the future challenges of health care delivery.

Digital Health master’s programme gives you the skills and interdisciplinary knowledge to implement new technologies in health care and provides practical examples of health care innovation and digitalization.

You get skills and knowledge for implementing new innovative technologies in health care

The studies include best practices of e-health implementation from Estonia and abroad and provide you the relevant change management skills to contribute to health care systems’ improvement.

There are many great examples, where digital and e-health services operate well and bring value. For example, the Estonian digital prescribing system provides seamless prescription management to the whole population and the country-wide EHR connects 100% of all health care providers for efficient patient data sharing. There are also growing digital health start-ups, of which a number have been founded by previous students of Digital Health master’s programme.

Experience and examples of countrywide e-Health implementation in Estonia

There are a lot of possibilities for better use of new technologies in health care. Human society is only doing its first steps in implementation of digital technologies and AI in health care. Secondary data use is at a low level and new services for better personalization, prevention and earlier detection of diseases are needed fast.

This is the reason why this curriculum exists. You will be the one to help to change healthcare! You will acquire the knowledge about health systems, managing change and digitalizing health care for better value.


Digital Health is a unique Master’s programme in Europe that provides interdisciplinary knowledge on digital technologies, innovation and change management of health care. It relies on the best practices of health care digital transformation and e-health innovations from Estonian e-health system and international successes.

Why this programme?

  • Skills and knowledge for implementing new innovative technologies in health care.
  • Experience and examples of countrywide e-health implementation in Estonia.
  • You learn to understand how healthcare, IT and medicine interact.
  • Most of the lectures will take place in the Business and Innovation Centre Mektory.
  • Events and have site-visits help you to get first-hand experience from different healthcare, medical and digital health companies.

The 2 year (120 ECTS) curriculum comprises the following modules:

General studies – cover courses on medical law and ethics, entrepreneurship and business planning, and research design. The students will also take part in a project-based master’s seminar in which they must work in teams to develop innovative solutions to current health care problems.

Core studies – include basics of e-health, health policy and health promotion, and human anatomy and diseases.

Special studies – consist of specialisation courses in Digital Health Technologies that cover healthcare data systems and analysis, medical imaging and signals, interoperablity and quality management in healthcare, epidemiology, evaluation and financing in healthcare. The studies also include an internship in cooperation with the industry partners.

Free choice courses – students can choose from a wide variety of courses offered by the university.

Graduation thesis – students are asked to write a research paper or a scientific article, in which they must apply their knowledge on healthcare digitalisation through various perspectives.


During the studies, we put a lot of effort in connecting you to different industry partners, digital health companies, government institutions and start-ups.

A high number of our alumni have started work or have interned in digital health companies, IT-companies developing applications and systems in healthcare, in government institutions, in start-ups or in healthcare provider organizations.

Most of the jobs are involved in changing the current processes of health care and digitalising health care delivery for improved quality and access. Many of our alumni are working in or have co-founded digital health start-ups. This shows the need for innovation and new technologies in healthcare.

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Not available for applying at the moment