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Study law at TalTech in Estonia – one of the world’s most digitised countries – and succeed as a highly qualified lawyer, legal engineer, or architect of legal solutions to provide profound legal advice for the private and public sector for a technology-driven society.


  • Blend of Traditional and Modern Legal Education: it combines classical legal principles with contemporary topics like technology law, digital society, and EU and international law, providing a thorough understanding of traditional and modern law;
  • Digital and Technological Competence: it includes courses in Cyber Security Law, Data Protection Law, and IT Foundations, equipping students to become experts in the international digital age;
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Focus: it offers market-oriented courses like International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Legal Toolkit for Start-ups, preparing students for legal roles in emerging business environments;
  • Emphasis on Practical Skills: Courses such as Moot Court, Legal Internship, and co-operating with experts across international projects with and within TalTech Legal Lab provide hands-on experience and essential practical skills for legal practice.



  • General Studies (21 ECTS) – covers compulsory courses such as Sustainable Development and Legal Aspects of Environmental Protection, IT foundations I and II, Statistics and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
  • EU and International Law (18 ECTS) – covers compulsory courses such as EU Law, Comparative Private Law and International Private Law, Public International Law.
  • Basic Law Subjects (33 ECTS) – covers compulsory courses such as Comparative Constitutional Law in a Digital Society and Human Rights Law in a Digital Society, Introduction to Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Legal Syllogism and the General Part of Civil Law Systems, Introduction to Property Law and Intellectual Property Law, Foundations of European Contract Law.
  • Legal Theory and Methods (12 ECTS) – covers compulsory courses such as Foundations of Law and Legal Theory, Legal Research, Argumentation and Writing.
  • Specific Courses of EU and International Law (30 ECTS) – Data Protection Law, Basics of Technology Law, EU Internal Market and Competition Law, International Competition Law and Cyber Conflicts.
  • Practical Law (6 ECTS) – either Legal Internship or Moot Court participation.
  • Optional Courses (42 ECTS) – Legal Toolkit for Start-ups, , Contract Negotiating and Drafting, Rights, Obligations and Liability of Actors on the Internet and Consumer Protection Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution etc.
  • Free electives (6 ECTS) – students can choose from a wide variety of courses offered at the university.
  • Graduation thesis (12 ECTS) – individual legal research on a topic chosen by the student. Instead of a thesis, it is possible to write a research article and be involved in capacity building projects with a supervisor, enriching your CV.


After completing TalTech’s comprehensive law programme you will become a competent and highly employable legal professional. Your theoretical knowledge and practice will blend traditional legal principles with contemporary topics such as technology and digital society, providing a thorough understanding of modern legal landscapes.

You will gain digital and technological competence through relevant courses, equipping you to handle legal challenges in the digital age. Business and entrepreneurial skills prepare you for legal roles in business environments. This combination of skills, and technological proficiency will prepare you for efficient lawyering and legal tech job opportunities. Additionally, you can engage in Avangard research, further enhancing your ability to address complex legal issues in the artificial intelligence era, blockchain, data management and more.

For those seeking further specialisation and advancement, TalTech offers master’s programmes, allowing you to develop your expertise in even more advanced legal and technological studies. Our graduates have progressed to prestigious universities such as Helsinki, Leiden, Uppsala, Stockholm, Stanford, Lund, and others.

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024