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  • You can work in the field of marketing, finance, accounting and human resources in businesses of different sectors.
  • You have the knowledge and skills to start your own enterprise.
  • You can continue your studies at various master programmes in the area of business administration, management, accounting and finance.
  • You have polished your English language skills to work or study in an international environment.
  • You have an international network of contacts acquired during your studies.


The curriculum of International Business Administration provides students with the knowledge of essential functionalities of an international companies. All the teaching is carried out in English and comprises lectures and practical seminars. Several classes are read by visiting lecturers working in their field and bringing their practical experiences into the class-room. Students will also visit different companies, solve and discuss company case-studies, play simulation games in international marketing and investing and take part in extra-curricular activities like TalTech Satellite programme.

After acquiring fundamental business knowledge like economic theory, business research methods, IT skills, students are free to specialize in either marketing, finance, accounting and business intelligence, or entrepreneurship and management. The programme ends with graduation thesis where students demonstrate the ability of writing, presenting and discussing a small-scale original piece of research.

General studies – cover compulsory courses such as IT foundations, and working environment and ergonomics, as well as elective courses – business English, Estonian language and culture, contemporary international relations, philosophy, personal finance, etc.
Core studies – include courses about micro- and macroeconomics, business mathematics, statistics, logistics and inventory management, international business and ethics, etc.
Special studies – consist of courses divided into two main specialisations: entrepreneurship and marketing, finance and accounting.
Free choice courses – students can choose from a wide variety of courses offered at the university.
Graduation thesis – a business administration related independent research project that allows applying theoretical knowledge for solving practical problems.

Specialisation in entrepreneurship and marketing

The entrepreneurship and marketing specialisation combines knowledge and skills from two fields:

  • The entrepreneurship track provides insights and skills for starting a business or contributing to the management of an existing one. You’ll gain an overview of startup entrepreneurship and innovation, acquire knowledge and skills in management, leadership, personnel management, knowledge management, and organizational functioning.
  • In marketing lectures and seminars, you’ll grasp the fundamentals of the field and become familiar with various theoretical perspectives. You’ll explore how marketing can enhance the competitive advantages of an international company, delve into e-marketing and its support for achieving company goals, and learn about different approaches to marketing management and the role of a marketing manager within a company.

Upon completing this major, you’ll be prepared to work as a project manager, HR specialist, office assistant, as well as a marketing specialist, social media expert, customer relationship manager, or sales specialist. You could also venture into starting your own business.

Specialisation in finance and accounting

The finance and accounting specialisation is a combination of two closely related fields:

  • In finance courses, you’ll learn to understand business through numbers. You’ll gain an understanding of how to interpret information in company financial statements to make accurate management decisions. You’ll become acquainted with the principles and theories of financial management and finance, acquiring knowledge and skills in corporate finance management, investment, financial markets, and risk management.
  • Accounting focuses on knowledge and skills that help companies operate successfully. You’ll learn various methods for interpreting and analyzing financial data, get an overview of major software programs, and acquire knowledge and skills financial accounting, managerial and cost accounting, as well as business analytics.

Upon completing this major, you’ll possess the knowledge to work as a financial analyst or as a junior auditor or auditor assistant.


In the global economy, companies become heavily interdependent in their commercial activities. Talented people, who can understand the specifics of international business and can integrate supply chain elements from different corners of the world, are in high demand.

TalTech’s School of Business and Governance prepares managers and specialists with extensive knowledge of economy and business for international companies and the public sector. Therefore, you will have the prerequisites to work in the field of marketing, finance, accounting and human resources of international companies all over the world. A strong international marketing background also gives you the opportunity to find a job in export management. You can, of course, start your own company and determine its development yourself. There is also always the possibility to continue business education at the master’s level and to specialise even more in your chosen field of studies.

International auditing firms: PWC, KPMG, Ernst & Young
International organisations: WHO, IMF
Large enterprises: ABB, Ericsson, Skype
Banks: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Nordea

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024