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MA208657 - Ekraanimeedia ja innovatsioon

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How relevant are screens in your life? Do you, like an average American, spend 12 hours a day with screens? Does it matter? Screen media is a crucial source of information, knowledge and entertainment for a huge segment of the global population, an increasingly significant economy, yet also a source of anxieties regarding health, wellbeing, culture and politics.

Join our new MA program “Screen media and Innovation” to make sense of the changes that ubiquitous screens, digitalization, platformization and datafication bring to media industries and media participation, and to learn how to solve complex problems and innovate in this context.

At the centre of the “Screen media and innovation” program lies innovation. Our pedagogy is based on the logic of project/problem based learning developed at the Harvard Teaching and Learning Lab, Stanford d.school and Aalborg University. The project/problem based learning process is based on a practical or theoretical screen media problem, which teams of students operationalize and solve during a set period of time, following pregiven steps and using design thinking.

Our teaching staff are internationally renowned experts in various fields of screen media research. Their lectures and seminars provide a systematic overview of contemporary screen media and in-depth knowledge of its impact, implications and functioning.

The quality of teaching and the experience gathered through the creative learning system equip a successful graduate with the capacity to confidently and knowledgeably solve complex screen media problems and work in teams. People with such a profile are needed internationally in media-, and creative industry jobs as well as the public and NGO sector.


We prepare innovators. The knowledge and understanding of the nuances of screen media industries, practices and cultures, as well as the experiences generated via the project/problem based learning process provide a successful graduate with a suitable profile to work as an innovator, developer, consultant, analyst, specialist, manager or an entrepreneur within the media-, and creative economies as well as a consultant or an expert within the public or NGO sector.

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Not available for applying at the moment