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The International Business Administration programme offers students a robust understanding of modern business practices, and the leadership skills needed to stay competitive in today’s global business landscape.


  • Our course combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making you a desired professional in the contemporary labor market. You will be taught by the best technical and business experts.
  • The International Business Administration programme will equip you with everything you need to make a lasting mark in global business. TalTech graduates regularly get recruited by business managers around the world.
  • The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and finding a niche is instrumental for any business, young start-up, or a multinational corporation. As we encourage specializations as well as flexibility, we’ll expose you to a variety of subjects so that you can then tailor each programme according to your own learning and career goals.
  • In today’s world, experience is everything. The International Business Administration course meets the standards and requirements of the rapidly globalizing world and you will have access to a myriad of international research projects as well as European Union related endeavors.
  • Estonia is one the most digital societies in the world. We are a country that believes in entrepreneurship and studying business here is only natural.

The school starts usually at 16:00 and ends at 21:00.


Key topics: business performance management and analysis, management and leadership, digital transformations, strategic marketing, entrepreneurship and business planning, international business, supply chain management, development trends in the business environment.

The definition of what makes an effective corporate leader has broadened over time, with more executive leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies within reach to everyone, regardless of their cultural or geographic background.

We’ll give you what you need to work in almost any company in any country in the world, from global enterprises to small start-ups. With a little focus and determination, you’ll learn what you need to help businesses in your preferred sector to thrive.

From business fundamentals to structuring to high-level decision-making, we cover all the basics in a contemporary context not offered by most institutions.

As students build skills in areas like Organizational Culture, Business Technology, and Corporate Strategy, they’ll learn how these are applied in contemporary settings. TalTech offers students exactly what they need to become competent and efficient leaders familiar with modern workplace philosophies and methods.

Whether your focus is in international markets, sales, or marketing, you’ll develop the expertise necessary to run a thriving business through hands-on learning opportunities taught by exceptional staff and professors.

Seminars and workshops allow learning to be applied in a real-world context, offering students the chance to learn beyond the textbook.

TalTech works with many renowned guest speakers and international tutors who will guide you through specific foreign markets, and maybe even connect you with job opportunities.

As a skilled Business Analyst and Marketing Strategist, you’ll be an irreplaceable asset to any organization.


There are generally two types of people in the world: Those who create and build new solutions, and those who follow. We stand by our commitment to helping individuals not just be competent professionals, but inspiring leaders who are willing to take risks with new ideas.

Who will you become after graduation?
International Business Administration teaches you to see the main functions of a company in an international context. We give you a global mindset to help you operate successfully in global markets. You will gain in-depth knowledge of business and export management and have all the prerequisites to become a top manager in an international organization. You can be responsible for managing a company’s sales revenue and customer relations and marketing. In addition, you can analyse results and reshape corporate strategies and policies.

Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024
Kandideeri! Fall semester 2024/25
This intake is not applicable
Õpingute algus
2. sept 2024