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MAContemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM)

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CPPM was founded under the belief that the most intense artistic growth occurs through genuine encounters with inspirational artists – our goal is not to teach you the lessons of the past, but allow you to experience some of the most rigorous artistic processes currently in the field of performance making.

As a CPPM student, you will be working with some of the most innovative, exciting, and renowned international directors, choreographers, artists and companies to have an impact on the field of contemporary performance and continue to create ground-breaking work. All have created their own artistic language, vision and unique methodologies, and share the mission of training the next generation of innovative performance makers.

The ultimate aim of your CPPM experience is not simply to emulate existing practices and methodologies, but to move closer to a deeper understanding of who you are as an artist and how you choose to work. Through intense, inspirational and eye-opening challenges, obstacles and breakthroughs, you will grow closer to your own unique artistic vision. CPPM encourages you to experiment uncompromisingly, questioning artistic norms and your own preconceptions at every step. Only then will you be able to engage fully with this highly challenging, and rewarding, two-year journey with your CPPM family.


CPPM was specifically created for performance artists from all creative disciplines who wish to develop, rethink and challenge their existing practice. There is no upper age limit and highly experienced performers and artists are strongly encouraged to apply.


1) Are an emerging or established artist looking for an inspiring, stimulating, and challenging environment to further your artistic practice;

2) Are ready to work and train in a highly demanding environment with world-leading artists to gain practical experience of their training methods and creative processes;

3) Are ready to fully commit to a two-year artistic roller-coaster experience that will disrupt your understandings and presumptions about theatre and performance;

4) Are excited to engage with a thriving local professional theatre and performance scene that is waiting for your input and creativity with open arms;

5) Are eager to study, work, and be inspired by peers from different professional and cultural backgrounds, forming friendships, future collaborations, and an artistic family.

In 2024, our aim is to bring auditions closer to you, ensuring that everyone can attend without the need to travel to the other side of the world. That’s why this year we’re offering both face-to-face and online auditions.

While face-to-face auditions are preferred, as they allow us to meet each other and spend some time together in the studio, we accept online auditions as an equally valid alternative.

If you prefer to meet us face to face, you can choose from 6 audition rounds across the globe: South Korea, Australia, Brazil, USA, UK and Estonia. This should allow you to join us without the need to travel to the other side of the world. However, please note that if you attend face-to-face auditions, you need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.

In addition, we offer three online auditions that take place in different time zones: Asia (GMT+10), the Americas (GMT-7), and Europe (GMT+1). If you attend an online audition, you will need a spacious private studio space to move around, a reliable internet connection, and a laptop or computer to participate.

Please note that both face-to-face and online auditions run for two full days.

We hope this ensures greater flexibility and accessibility for applicants, regardless of their location. Simply indicate your preferred audition location and dates in your online application.

3-4 August | Seoul (South Korea)
10-11 August | Melbourne (Australia)
24-25 August | Sao Paolo (Brazil)
7-8 September | New York (USA)
14-15 September | London (UK)
19-20 September | Tallinn (Estonia)
21-22 September | Tallinn (Estonia)

17-18 August | GMT +10 (Melbourne)
31 August – 1 September | GMT -7 (Los Angeles)
12-13 September | GMT +1 (London)

In your online application, we will ask for your audition location/date preferences.

If your application is successful, you’ll receive an invitation to join our international auditions. The auditions will span two consecutive days, and your attendance is required for the entire duration. The audition process will encompass a variety of exercises, creative assignments, written tasks, and an interview. Detailed information about the audition procedure, including preparation guidelines, will be provided to selected candidates at least two weeks before the audition.

We aim to let all applicants know about the audition results by 1 October 2024.
The decision will be one of the following:
● We make you an offer to study on the course. After receiving your offer, you have three weeks to accept or decline. Please note that you are not able to defer your study place.
● You have been placed on the waiting list. We aim to let you know the final outcome by 21 October.
● Your application has been unsuccessful.

Please note that the admission panel is not able to give any individual feedback about your performance in the audition.

If you have any questions about the application process, supporting documents or auditions, please contact us via email info_cppm@eamt.ee or call us +(372) 6675733.


CPPM curriculum is divided into six modules:

Core Studies and Practice (45 ECTS)
Creative Projects (21 ECTS)
Specialist Studies (24 ECTS)
Research Skills and Methods (15 ECTS)
Master’s Degree Project (15 ECTS)

The full curriculum is available on CPPM website


Access to further study: Doctoral Program

Professional status: The right to be employed in a position requiring Master´s Degree or corresponding qualification

Kandideeri! Spring semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Õpingute algus
27. jaan 2025
Kandideeri! Spring semester 2024/25
Kandideerimisperiood on lõppenud
Õpingute algus
27. jaan 2025