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Tallinn University of Technology issued on its 94th birthday a doctoral degree to 63 students, anointed 2 deans and bestowed its highest award, the Mente et Manu, on three individuals.

PhD degrees were given to 17 candidates in the Faculty of Science, 11 Information Technology specialists, 10 economics and business administration specialists, nine chemical and materials technology engineers, eight power engineers, five mechanical engineers, two civil engineers and a social scientist.
The deanships were given to Arvi Hamburg, who will take over the Faculty of Power Energy, and to the re-elected Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Ennu Rüstern, the university said a statement.
The Mente et Manu awards were given to professor emeritus Kaido Hääl, EMT COO Valdo Kalm and an entrepreneur Ms Tiina Mõis.
Out of 63 there were doctoral degrees for seven International students – two graduated in the faculty of information technology and two in economics and business administration. Furthermore, there were graduates in physics, civil engineering and power engineering.
The International graduates are from Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), founded in 1918, is the oldest and the biggest public university in Tallinn and the second largest in enrollment in Estonia. TUT is a university with a long academic history – in 2013 Tallinn University of Technology will celebrate its 95th anniversary. TUT is a modern, international university sharing with students the knowledge and skills necessary for today’s international marketplace.

19 Sep 2012