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On the last day of August Estonian Business School (EBS) new students were welcomed at the opening ceremony in the National Library of Estonia.

In his welcoming speech the Minister of Finance Mr Jürgen Ligi said, “Estonian society and economy need educated people. The well-being of Estonia depends on whether we are as clever as the wealthier societies, because only then are we able to gain more expensive work in the world economic chain and earn more. The connection of economic- and technological knowledge with business skills is the key issue. Let it be the first or the second speciality, EBS has a major role to play here.”

Estonian Business School
The founder of EBS, Mr Madis Habakuk, said that the role of EBS is to create prerequisites for the business success of its graduates and this will be guaranteed by internationally competitive education.
The Rector of EBS, Prof. Arno Almann stressed the need for constant development in the direction of globalisation, by continuing collaboration with leading universities abroad and creating prerequisites for the growing number of foreign students. EBS will also continue the development of EBS Helsinki that is working for the second year. This year`s admission of students accounted for 45% of foreign students.
The Chairman of Council of Trigon Capital Group Joakim Helenius was awarded the EBS Title of the Business Leader of the Year. Mr Helenius believes that the current economic policy in Estonia may become an example for other countries in the future. “This requires that well educated young Estonian people, including the students of EBS, will dedicate themselves to the future of Estonia. Do not let yourselves be attracted by greener grass on the other side of the fence. The students of EBS should put their foot down in Estonian fast growing companies and help to develop them . This would make Estonia the most exciting country in Europe to work in”.
The Estonian Business School (EBS) is the oldest private university in the Baltic States to offer business education. The school provides active and enterprising students with the academic basis for success. Business studies at EBS focus on the modern business environment in Europe considering the latest innovations and developments in the international business environment.
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Estonian Business School

5 Sep 2012