Tuition fee €4,000 per year

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Application fee €50 one-time

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The 2-year MA programme in Semiotics provides interdisciplinary background and gives a theoretical base for application of semiotic ideas to a wide variety of disciplines and scientific study. The programme binds together the general theory of semiotics and three research fields – cultural semiotics, biosemiotics and sociosemiotics.

The tradition of excellence in semiotic theory in Tartu was established already in 1960’s by Juri Lotman, the most prominent member of the Tartu-Moscow School. He established also the oldest still published journal of semiotics, Sign Systems Studies. Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics is also proud of the memorial library of Thomas A. Sebeok, one of the world leaders of 20th century semiotics, which provides an excellent research basis.

Independent of the object of inquiry, whether in the humanities or the hard sciences, semiotics provides the tools for rendering explicit the observer-dependent status of inquiry. Thus, the graduate studies in semiotics in Tartu are a good continuation of education and research practice for students form various backgrounds.

Career opportunities

Excellent international career prospects:

  • Graduates can apply their expertise in the professions that require a complex knowledge of cultural analysis, i.e. semiotic consulting companies, marketing or media.
  • Practical applications of semiotics include translation and science writing, design and architecture, advertising, and communication strategies.
  • Employees of international organizations, e.g. embassies, where tolerance and conflict management skills are vital, can improve their professional education.
  • Programme graduates can continue on to doctoral studies and research. Semiotics is particularly relevant to advanced study in the life sciences, where biosemiotic understanding and semiotical interpretation is proving to be of remarkable value

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States