Alumni Talks introduces international programmes

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The Alumni Talks series allows future students to hear directly from alumni about their experience at the University of Tartu and learn more about a specific topic chosen by the alumni.

Join us in January 2023 for our first series of Alumni Talks! Our international bachelor’s and master’s programmes alumni will share their journey at the University of Tartu and give a lecture on a chosen topic.

The international bachelor’s and master’s programmes without alumni will be represented by the programme manager or an alumna/alumnus of a similar programme.

Registration is required. You can register on the Alumni Talks website.

The schedule of the event as of 29.12.2022

All times are GMT+2 (Tallinn time).

10 January 2023
16:00 – Symbolic artificial intelligence at Pipedrive by Bruno Rucy Carneiro (MSc in Computer Science)
17:00 – Treatment of cancer using scintillating material by Umama Quddusi (MSc in Materials Science and Technology)
18:00 – The problem of statistical evidence in court by Sophie Machavariani (MA in Philosophy)
20:00 – International patron-client relationships in de facto and microstates by Izzet Yalin Youksel (MA in International Relations and Regional Studies)

11 January 2023
16:00 – Transitioning from master’s studies to researching environmental politics by Ville Tapani Haapanen (MA in Politics and Governance in the Digital Age)
17:00 – Landing a career in biotechnology outside academia by Asfand Yar Saqib (MSc in Bioengineering)
18:00 – Firms’ corporate political activities by Irakli Barbakadze (MA in Quantitative Economics)
19:00 – How to apply semiotics? Using different concepts in the advertising/branding/marketing/finance industry by Rhea Colaso (MA in Semiotics)
20:00 – Learning about China from Chinese social media by Binghua Liu (MA in Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

12 January 2023
16:00 – International innovation: experiences in assisting startup growth in Brazil and Estonia by Isabela Vilhalba (MA in Information Technology Law)
17:00 – University of Tartu: The best place in the world for studying Estonian and Finno-Ugric languages by Merit Niinemägi (MA in Estonian and Finno-Ugric Languages)
18:00 – The role of the educational technologist in Estonian schools by Dejan Delev (MA in Educational Technology)
19:00 – Nutritional screening – creating a unique screening tool that is completely automated by Alastair Forbes (MSc in Clinical Nutrition – please note that Alastair is the programme director. Since the Clinical Nutrition programme was opened in 2022, there are no alumni yet.)

17 January 2023
16:00 – Особенности именования в русской культуре: что нужно знать иностранцу о русских именах и отчествах? by Olga Burdakova (MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language – please note that Olga is the programme director. The master’s programme does not have alumni yet.)
17:00 – Quantitative modelling of cybersecurity risk by Joseph Haske (MSc in Actuarial and Financial Engineering)

18 January 2023
16:00 – A laboratory manager in the automotive industry by Antonio Manuell (MSc in Applied Measurement Science)
17:00 – TBA (Business Administration)
19:00 – Symbiosis of geo-data and AI, the next big thing in geoinformatics by Muhammad Hamza Zubair (MSc in Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society)

19 January 2023
16:00 – Researching and applying process mining – an innovative technology changing the way companies do business by Kateryna Kubrak (MA in Innovation and Technology Management)
17:00 – Disability rights advocacy by Ketevan Khomeriki (MA in International Law and Human Rights)
18:00 – TBA (European Languages and Cultures)
20:00 – Data warehouse modelling using Data Vault 2.0 in fintech companies by Ahmed Samir Imam Mahmoud (MSc in Software Engineering)

29 Dec 2022