New master's programmes at the University of Tartu

Photo illustrating the news item

The University of Tartu will open three new programmes for the academic year 2022/23 and one programme, which will start from the spring semester of 2022/23.

Three new topical English-taught master’s programmes are launched. The online programme Clinical Pharmacy  is unique in the region. It focuses on helping pharmacists to acquire and demonstrate the competencies in clinical pharmacy through a rigorous programme of study, problem-based approach and a large amount of practical training. The online programme is designed to provide a professional development opportunity for pharmacists working in a hospital or community pharmacy in Estonia or abroad.

Malnutrition and the increasing problems associated with obesity indicate a growing clinical need for relevantly educated professionals. The Clinical Nutrition programme is the only one of its kind in the European Union and provides the necessary knowledge and skills to develop clinical nutrition in hospitals, family practices, and nursing homes, and in sports medicine, public health and the food industry.

The master’s programme Estonian and Finno-Ugric Languages is the only one in the region to combine in-depth language learning with comprehensive, English-based studies in linguistics, specialising either in Estonian or Finno-Ugric languages. The programme focuses on active language learning, combining theory and practice and the development of area-related digital skills. No prior knowledge of Finno-Ugric languages is required.

The last new master’s programme is called “Entrepreneurship in Economic Policymaking” where applicants with previous education or professional experience in economics or business can file an application in autumn (from 1 to 15 September) and studies begin in spring semester 2022/2023.

12 Jan 2022