Tuition fee €2,500 per semester
Application fee €100 one-time
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Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society has initiated a Bachelor’s programme in law, taught in English, to provide the students with the most relevant and highest quality programme in order to meet the needs of our rapidly changing and globalizing world.

A successful lawyer must be well grounded in three basic areas of law – international law, European law and comparative law.

To engage in cross border legal practice, a lawyer has to be aware of the existence and impact of international law. You cannot play the game if you do not know the rules – understanding international law is vital.

To work with lawyers from other countries and legal cultures you have to understand the heritages of legal systems of both European civil law tradition and the Anglo-American common law tradition. Hence, the role of comparative legal studies.

European law has an immense impact on legal practice and business within the EU member states. European Union law is specific and complex legal system, and to effectively practice law within the EU its thorough understanding is a must.

Career opportunities

If you study at the English-taught Law curriculum in the future you can find job in international enterprises as a lawyer or in public services as a specialist of international law.