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BAInternational Business Administration

Tuition fee €3,400 per year

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Application fee €100 one-time

The application fee is 100 EUR per applicant, which enables to apply for 2 programmes. The application fee is non-refundable!

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Did you know that if someone were to simply pocket a business card handed to them by a Japanese executive or forget it into their meeting place, their mutual business would probably be over for good? Or that the United Kingdom has the longest tax code in the world and it is packed with written and unwritten laws to trip up the entrepreneur?
If you have some mighty business ideas that will most likely be held back by the borders of your home country, come and study the fine nuances of International Business Administration!

Programme structure

The curriculum of International Business Administration provides students with the knowledge of essential functionalities of an international company: management, marketing, logistics, accounting, and financial management.

As your future course mates are from different countries, you will get to know different cultures and hone your English language skills. All the teaching is carried out in English and comprises lectures and practical seminars. Several classes are read by guest professors working in their field. Students will also visit different companies.

After acquiring fundamental business knowledge, students are free to specialise in either marketing, finance, accounting and business intelligence, and entrepreneurship and management.


Courses in management

Courses in Management provide an overview of the essence of organisations: their management, human behaviour within different organisations and how to efficiently run the work of a company. You will develop your managerial and teamwork skills as well as various social competences in specific positions, thus creating a foundation for working in leading managerial positions in the future.

Courses in marketing

In these subjects, you will get to know the role of marketing as a tool to increase the competitive advantage of a company. The development of teamwork and social skills, both crucial in business, is an inseparable part of marketing. After passing the marketing subjects, the student is ready to work in commercial organisations in positions responsible for marketing and logistics.

Courses in accounting

Provide an overview of the principles and methods of financial accounting, the reporting requirements, as well as the finance theory and financial indicators. After completing the accounting courses you will be familiar with the tax system, the fundamental provisions of tax laws and the principles of taxation. You will also learn to analyse corporate financial statements and simpler investment projects.

Courses in finance

Upon passing these courses, you will get the knowledge of financial management and financial analysis necessary to be able to use the acquired skills in the future. During your courses on finance, you will learn the theoretical standpoints and aspects of financing, investments, cash flows, financial modelling and risk management.

The 3 year (180 ECTS) curriculum comprises the following modules:

General studies (18 ECTS)
Core studies:
- Economics theory (30 ECTS)
- Main competencies in business (54 ECTS)
Special studies: (63 ECTS)
- Marketing
- Finance
- Accounting and business intelligence
- Entrepreneurship and management
Free choice courses (6 ECTS)
Graduation thesis (9 ECTS)

Career opportunities

Career prospects

In the global economy, companies become heavily interdependent in their commercial activities. Talented people, who can understand the specifics of international business and can integrate supply chain elements from different corners of the world, are in high demand.

Who will you become after graduation?

TalTech’s School of Business and Governance prepares managers and specialists with extensive knowledge of economy and business for international companies and the public sector. Therefore, you will have the prerequisites to work in the field of marketing, finance, accounting and human resources of international companies all over the world. A strong international marketing background also gives you the opportunity to find a job in export management. You can, of course, start your own company and determine its development yourself. There is also always the possibility to continue business education at the master’s level and to specialise even more in your chosen field of studies.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application start
Jan 1, 2021
Application deadline
Apr 15, 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Tallinn time
Studies commence
Aug 30, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application start
Jan 1, 2021
Application deadline
Apr 15, 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Tallinn time
Studies commence
Aug 30, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States