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PhDInformation Society Technologies: "Real-Time Data Pipelines to Enable Forecasting the Nature of Work, Labor-Market Needs and Required Competences" (Junior Research Fellow position)

Application fee €100 one-time
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Objectives of the Programme:

  • to provide conditions for preparing specialists with the highest scientific qualification in ICT area;
  • to support development of research based and innovative approaches for working on appropriate positions as well as readiness for continuous personal professional development;
  • to support development of competences for working on academic positions (researcher, lecturer) or as senior specialist in public, private or third sector.

The graduate:

  • is internationally known specialist in an ICT problem area;
  • has exhaustive knowledge and skills in a narrower area of the PhD thesis;
  • is able to use adequate scientific methods and technologies for determining as well in analysing and solving ICT related problems;
  • is able to compose high level scientific and popular publications and presentations;
  • is able to work in a multinational team and as a team leader involve different partners; possesses necessary communication skills;
  • is able to find innovative and adequate solutions in changing and unexpected situations;
  • is independent and responsible in analysing, diagnosing, making decisions and implementations;
  • is ready to follow established professional, ethical and intellectual property protection principles as well tolerant to diverse attitude and standpoints;
  • is ready to analyse its own professional activities as well to plan and realize personal professional growth; possesses skills of effective independent learning.
Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment