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BAEntrepreneurship in the Digital Era

Tuition fee €2,300 per semester

NB! Non-EU applicants must pay a year tuition fee 4600€ in one part prior to the studies.

Application fee €120 one-time

The application fee is non-refundable. Application documents will be processed only after the application fee is received.

EU candidates & the following countries (Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) are exempt from the application fee.

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Estonia is the best place in the world to study entrepreneurship, as Estonia is a country that values education and entrepreneurship. This is evidenced by our Pisa results and the success stories of Estonian start-ups (Skype, Bolt, Transferwise, etc.), where EBS alumni have also played an important role.

An innovative study programme ’’Entrepreneurship in Digital Era’’ is developed to meet the needs of the society and take into account best practices and our own 30-year experience in entrepreneurship education. The study process follows the steps in entrepreneurship processes and prepares you to operate in global markets and in an international business environment. The modules in the programme are held in teamwork format. During the study process, you will learn to create links between entrepreneurial theories and practices in the context of the digital era and solve problems in a creative way that arise in different stages of entrepreneurship. This programme is like participating in a*business simulator* – you will start with finding your business idea, creating the company with your team and finally liquidating it.

Our Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era programme is intended for you if you are interested in:
• starting your own business or develop an existing business;
•learning through intense and practical collaboration within an international team;
• learning about your strengths and challenges as an entrepreneur

Why the Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era study programme?:
• In order to create the most real-life learning experience possible, we abandon traditional subject-based learning.
•You will cover the whole lifecycle of being an entrepreneur during this study programme, starting with finding a business idea, creating your business and finally liquidating it
•The study programme is designed upon solving real-life problems as an entrepreneneur
•Based on the principles of lifelong learning, you understand your career choices and opportunities for personal development.
• Teaching is supported by mentors and instructors and entrepreneurs, who are professionals in their field.
• During teaching, you will aquire skills as a team member, leader, and mentor.

Why EBS?:
•You will be a part of an international network of fellow students with whom you can bring your ideas and dreams into life
•Modern teaching methods are supported by the cloud-based e-learning platform Canvas, which is used by many of the top universities around the world
•It is possible to use the mobility window during the fall semester of the second year to study at one of the 60 partner universities worldwide. EBS has the strongest network of partner universities in Estonia specialising in business, such as EMLyon Business School, Università Bocconi, BI Norwegian Business School, Kedge Business School, Copenhagen Business School, and many others
•Studying takes place in small study groups (up to 35 students) depending on the goal of the lecture and each student is advised to study organization related questions by a personal study consultant.

The programme gives you necessary entrepreneurship skills, competences and attitudes:
•Skills and knowledge important for entrepreneurship;
•Creativity and problem-solving skills;
•Digital skills, eg digital literacy;
•Collaboration and communication skills;
•Positive attitude towards lifelong learning;
•Emotional intelligence.

Programme structure

Academic year 1

I Module: Seeding and starting-up
“Exploring entrepreneurial landscape”

First stage is for forming your team and developing a business idea. This stage ends with pitching your idea to the real entrepreneurs and investors.

Discovering entrepreneurial landscape & opportunities 12 ECTS
Exploring the market opportunities and business modelling 12 ECTS
Elective subjects: 6 ECTS

II Module: Launching
“Learning to drive the business”

In the second stage, you create a virtual start-up, considering all important aspects of a real company.

Launching minimum viable product 12 ECTS
Designing effective business organisation 12 ECTS
Internship 3 ECTS
Elective subjects: 6 ECTS

Academic year 2

III Module: Calibrating
“Daily life of your business”

Third stage is where you create an action plan for developing the productivity and efficiency of your virtual company.

Core subjects: 6 ECTS
Preparing your business for internationalization 6 ECTS
Elective subjects: 12 ECTS.

IV Module: Expanding and Growing
“Pivoting and Scaling”
In the fourth stage you develop a strategy for growing your business on international markets.

Financing and managing growth 12 ECTS
Leading change 12 ECTS
Internship 3 ECTS
Elective subjects: 6 ECTS

Academic year 3

V Module: Maturing and Exiting
“Departing to (ad)ventures”

Fifth stage focuses on liquidation strategy.
Combining narrative and numbers 12 ECTS
Executing exit strategy 12 ECTS
Elective subjects: 6 ECTS

VI Module: Bridging and Graduating
“Linking the entrepreneurial theory with real life practices”

The last stage is for connecting everything you’ve learned during the programme by consulting early stage entrepreneurs and by writing a bachelor’s thesis.

Coaching and mentoring entrepreneurial teams 9 ECTS
Bridging and graduating 9 ECTS
Final thesis: 6 ECTS

Total: 180 ECTS

Career opportunities

After graduation you can find a job as:

You will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create and develop your own business in an international team or continue your career as a specialist or business project developer in positions that require entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge about economics

The goal of EBS is that alumni of this program:

  • implement innovative business ideas;
  • create worthwhile jobs;
  • act responsibly and ethically

The salary of EBS graduates in the field of business and management is, in comparison with graduates from other universities, higher.

Apply now! Fall semester 2020/21
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Aug 24, 2020

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2020/21
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Aug 24, 2020

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States