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MAContemporary Art

Tuition fee €2,800 per year

Tuition fee: 1800 euros per year (for citizens of EU, UK, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Switzerland)

Tuition fee: 2800 euros per year (for non-EU citizens)

Application fee €60 one-time

Application fee is non-refundable.

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MACA is a two-year international program for emerging contemporary artists of different backgrounds intended to guide them during the development of their artistic position. The main focus is on the individual studio practice, which is supported by collaborative moments in the curriculum as well as masterclasses and courses introducing a range of artistic methods and platforms for research and critical reflection. In addition to intensive work in the studios, exhibiting in Estonia and abroad, and working in close collaboration with peers and tutors, students are encouraged to make use of the different facilities at EKA: professional photography and sound studios, workshops for wood- and metalworking, 3D modelling, textile, glass, ceramics, printmaking and many more.

The MACA program is meant for artists and practitioners who already have an active career and – while diving deeper into their fields of interest – wish to engage in collaboration, critical exchange and local context. Tallinn has a vibrant contemporary art scene with a number of art institutions and artist-run initiatives, including Vent Space that the students co-run with peers from EKA’s other programs and Uus Rada, an artist-run space initiated by the MACA students at the Raja street studio building. These spaces offer an opportunity to connect with the local art scene, providing an audience and supporting collaboration between colleagues and disciplines.

What does the MACA program offer?
– Opportunity to assemble your curriculum within a diverse programme that offers theoretical tools and practical training.
– Individual tutoring for contemporary artists by contemporary artists.
– Access to professional studios of sound art, lens-based art, installation and sculpture and graphic art.
– Collaboration with local and international artists, curators, theorists.
– A programme of off-site events, study trips, exhibitions, and collaboration with different art institutions.
– Student exchange (KUNO, DAMA, ERASMUS)
– A critical discursive environment for discussions about making, displaying and thinking about contemporary art and contemporary society.

Do not hesitate to apply for the Master of Contemporary Art programme if:
– you value the development of your individual artistic practice.
– the processes in society matter to you and you are passionate about your surroundings.
– you like to think, imagine, create and dream.
– you are motivated and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic, have creative confidence and critical thinking.

Programme structure

Learning outcomes
The student who has completed the curriculum:
– is able to work as a professional artist;
– has acquired the skills and knowledge to analyse, write criticism of and teach contemporary art;
– has acquired the academic degree to continue their studies in the fine arts on PhD level;
– can set goals and problems in his creative work demonstrating the conceptual and technical competence corresponding to the goals;
– can initiate and implement creative projects conducted on the basis of in-depth research methods;
– navigates well in the theoretical texts of the specialty and has a good overview of cultural history that they can relate to the specific knowledge of the specialty;
– can critically evaluate and express the processes taking place in art and society;
– can critically evaluate and articulate their own artistic work and present it in public.

The study programme consists of General studies (12 ECTS), Art Practice (45 ECTS), Contextual studies (14 ECTS), Electives (12 ECTS), Optional subjects (6 ECTS) and Master’s thesis (31 ECTS, incl. Master’s seminar 1 ECTS).

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
2 Sept 2024
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
2 Sept 2024