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MAMusic Performance (Chamber Ensemble)

Tuition fee €6,000 per year
Application fee €50 one-time
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Programme structure

Program goals
The goal of the curriculum is to:
- provide students, who have completed the first stage of higher education, with an education of a high international standard in the field of classical music/jazz music/contemporary improvisation performance or composition or musicology, responding to the requirements of contemporary musical life and directed to the development of creativity; completing the curriculum is a pre-requisite for employment in the profession or for Doctoral studies;
- support an open social and cultural learning environment that assists in mastering and applying the knowledge and skills both related to the field of specialisation and to other subjects described in the curriculum;
- create conditions for developing human self-reflection and a holistic understanding of the world;
- develop communicative competence, sense of responsibility, leadership and collaboration skills of the students.
The curriculum consists of the following components and modules:
A Specialty field, 30 credits
B Practical courses related to the specialty field (according to model curriculum)
- Chamber Music (for instrumentalists)
- Orchestra/Choir/Opera studio/Accompaniment class (according to one’s specialty)
- Additional practical courses
C Courses related to music theory, music history, pedagogy and general studies, 35 credits (for MT 45 credits)
- Free elective courses, 5 credits
D Master’s degree examination/ Master’s thesis, 15 credits

Career opportunities

Access to further study: Doctoral Program

Professional status: The right to be employed in a position requiring Master´s Degree or corresponding qualification

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States